Are bobble bottles dishwasher safe?2020-05-25T04:18:45-05:00

No, we recommend removing the filter and hand washing our bobble products with warm soapy water.

Are your bobble bottles recyclable?2020-05-25T04:18:11-05:00

Our Bobble bottles are made from recycled PETE-1 that is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC & is 100% recyclable. Outside of disposing of these bottles in the trash, there are many municipal recycling centers, stores and private recyclers in the United States that accept bottles. Please feel free to utilize the following website to locate a recycling center near you. https://search.earth911.com/

How often do I have to replace bobble filters?2020-05-25T04:17:38-05:00

After 300 uses of a full bottle


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